What makes a pob guided tour different?

POB guided tours are focused on our culture. We believe that culture is dynamic and we enjoy sharing it by interpreting the daily nature of our current life in Peru. Showing you around interacting with interesting, creative and hardworking people and experiencing new situations encourages us (travelers & guides) to be conscious observers of our similarities and differences as citizens, workers and humans from different realities. At the same time it gives You an honest perspective of how things are in a family, small towns or big cities in Peru.

Why is pob offering classic attractions if they are known for unconventional outings?

The main reason is because that´s still what most people want as a “taste of Lima”. However, no matter which outing our clients choose we don´t loose our style to focus on culture, people and nature. We enjoy the classic attractions which we combine with walking and observing the peculiarities of a random day in a particular place, because in a country like Peru everyday is a show and we (travelers & guides) are part of it.

What is exactly a Lima detour?

We have two “Detour” options and both are casual visits to different parts of Lima mixing traditional attractions with routes less traveled to get to them. These different routes display in some cases less ornamented, picturesque and colorful places and lifestyles, informal business ventures and enterprising activities. All in all the power of the merchant class in Peru which we feel very identified with. Taking a Detour of Lima is to be a living museum!

Is it worth to drive 60kms south to go to Pucusana fishing village?

Absolutely worth it! This experience is not only about the destination but the journey is great in the sense of being informative, educational and real. We stop to have a panoramic view of Lima coast with “Pacific” water splashing on rocky cliffs, taste delicious coffee & bread made in mud ovens and ride close to “shanty towns” which gives us the best opportunity to talk about migration and its consequences. Finally the boat ride around a small island will give You unique opportunities to observe and take pictures of marine wildlife and a landscape that only a fishing village can offer. We believe this great outing is a small scale and reflection to what travelers will see during their visit to Peru.

Is it unsafe going on a “path less traveled” in Lima & Peru?

“The path less traveled” doesn´t mean unsafe for us and it does not only mean going on a route nobody takes. On the contrary, more than using non touristy streets or trails, it actually means having meaningful human interactions based on respect, tolerance and -why not- compassion during your journey. It means being exposed to experiences, conversations and knowledge that a lot of tourists underestimate when they travel. So, absolutely yes! It´s safe because you really go on a “path less traveled” to knowing yourself through deep or casual reflections about everything you see and do.